Tronixpro beads come in a range of colours and sizes. The mixed yellow and red beads are ideal for general rig making and general fishing. Smaller sizes make excellent stops between the crimp and snood swivel on a rig body. Larger sizes are good not only for attraction but for buffer beads, especially when boat fishing to put between a Tronixpro Zip Slider or Ledger boom and the swivel or link. Black and pearl beads are also available in one size only. Our black and green mixed pack comes in an 8mm size only and is the ideal combination used for attracting plaice. Larger beads adding more visual attraction around your bait when drift fishing for plaice and at anchor. Smaller sized clear round beads are ideal for placing between crimps and a snood swivel, especially when making glue rigs, they blend in well with the tubing and light line colours for a subtle rig arrangement.

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