Good bait presentation can be the key to catching or not. Our baiting needles are the ideal tool to present a bait perfectly on the hook, designed primarily for worms, sandeels and soft baits. Each baiting needle is made from high grade stainless steel. One end is pointed to allow it to pierce a bait easy and the other end has a hole in it to place a hook point. Simply feed the worm on to the baiting needle, place the hook point in the hole and then slide the worm onto the hook for perfect bait presentation. Many match anglers will have multiple baiting needles setup to speed up the baiting process. Baiting Needles are available in a fine and a regular size. The fine is good for smaller worm baits that need to be fed onto smaller hooks. The regular is perfect for larger soft baits, larger worm baits, sandeels and when using larger hooks.

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