Standard Package:

  • 9.5m Acolyte Pro Margin Pole (sections 3-6)
  • Mini extensions (sections 7))
  • 2 x Margin Kit
  • 1 x Ghost Margin Kit


  •  Skid bungs 40mm, 44mm
  • Pole pot & 6.4mm adaptor – so you can convert any of the kits to a cupping kit matching the length of your elasticated kits if you want to.
  • 3.5mm PTFE for fitting into the black EVA Nose Cones of No 2 sections x 1 pkt of 6
  • Orange 4.1mm i/d ‘Easy Fit’ Margin PTFE x 1 pkt of 2
  • Red 3.5mm i/d ‘Easy Fit’ Margin PTFE x 1 pkt of 2
  • Pink 3.2mm i/d ‘Easy Fit’ Margin PTFE x 1 pkt of 2
  • EVA Nose cone for No 3 male joint
  • Roller cones x 3
  • Side pull beads x 1 packet of 9 coloured
  • Extractor rod – long x 1
  • Wipe clean nylon bag
  • Spare top 2 Margin kits (all types) get the relevant sized roller cone and a pkt of Red 3.5mm i/d PTFE bushes supplied as standard.


  • 9.5m average weight: 750g


  • Made from the same mandrel as the Acolyte Pro Carp pole therefore compatible. 
  • Reinforced joints
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