Sticky Baits Wafters. Peach & Pepper are bright orange hookbaits that feature a genuine old-school classic combination of Peach Melba and 100% pure black pepper essential oil. Buchu-Berry are bright pink hookbaits that include a special combination of attractors that have been used on the quiet for many, many years. We believe it to be one of the best attractor packages we have ever used in a hookbait! Pineapple & N’Butyric are bright yellow hookbaits that are infused with two of carp anglings most proven additives, and after all, whos Fluoro Range would be complete without a good old Pineapple & NButyric Hookbait? White chocolate are platinum white hookbaits that are the ultra-consistent performer from the range, and its easy to see why. They simply scream carp with their divine chocolate and cream aroma, and sweet taste. The carefully balanced, needle friendly wafters will slowly sink under the weight of the hook. For anyone unfamiliar with the principal, the Sticky Baits Wafters perfectly counteract the weight of your rig, leaving a critically balanced bait that will fool even the wariest of carp. Available in 115g tubs.
 Sticky Baits Pineapple & N’Butyric Wafters 

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