The original and best bloodworm bait out there bar none! It is a true
testament to this awesome bait that so many other companies have tried
to copy it and failed. You may be wondering what makes Sticky’s version
so special and unique? Well it harnesses the attractive properties of
one of the carp’s natural food sources, by incorporating synthetic
chemical signals, which replicate the natural feeding triggers produced
by bloodworm.

The complex matrix of ingredients that lies within the bait make it so
effective in the long term. Predominantly a fishmeal base-mix, using
LT-94 alongside milk proteins, soluble fish proteins, crustacean
extracts, blood plasma and some trusty Robin Red. Sticky enhance this
further by adding naturally emulsified oleoresins and assorted vitamins
and minerals.

As with all of Sticky’s shelf life baits, this is as close to their
freezer bait as possible. There is only one difference between the two
mixes, this being the inclusion of a natural preservative to prolong the
life of the bait. Far from being detrimental this makes the bait
suitable for a wider customer base. Anyone already using Sticky’s
Bloodworm Freezer Bait knows it’s worth keeping a kilo or two of Shelf
Life’s in the car.

Available in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm.


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