Sonubaits is at the forefront of bait innovation and is committed to producing bait for the modern angler. Sonubaits realises that the only way to produce great bait that helps catch fish is to listen to anglers who are out at the bank. By listening to how they want their baits to perform in specific situations for specific types of fishing, the company can fine-tune its bait production to produce exactly the type of bait that will make a difference on the bank.

The SonuBaits One to One Paste performs fantastically across the carp, coarse and match, and specialist disciplines, offering a quick and simple to use paste mix that creates the perfect paste every single time, making your session easier.

It is so easy to mix; simply use the same amount of powdered paste mix and water. Pour them both into a bait tub and mix thoroughly, this creates a very sloppy mix but simply leave it for 30 minutes and it will absorb all of the water and create the perfect paste for fishing on a pole.

Sonuhbaits recommend that the best way to use the one to one paste is to take the size you would like to use and roll it into a ball, put your thumb in the middle to make an indentation and put the hook in the thumbprint, fold the paste over the hook and mould around the hook, this is then ready to place in the pot.

You could then use this made-up bait paste to hook or wrap around pellets and boilies, adding extra fast-acting attractors to your hookbaits. Each bag contains a free paste pot for you to preserve premade paste for later in the session or for another day use. This pot is also designed to ship out the paste on the pole.

There are a few flavour options to select from; Krill, F1, Green or natural.

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