The introduction of Lava has created a buzz across the angling world.

This sticky additive creates a plume of flavour in an around your chosen
bait, wafting carefully balanced scent and colour in the immediate

The liquid itself is denser than water, meaning it stays around your
baited area, keeping fish interested where it matters most, your hook

Its tacky consistency makes it perfect for casting, not coming off,
instead remaining attached to your bait, and staying in place until your
bait reaches the bottom.

Within minutes its starts to break down, triggering a rich scent and
attractive colour.

The perfect addition to hook baits and feeders, this additive also has
the added benefit of sinking on its own, so smeared to a spod or pellet
wagglers, the rich cloud creates a column of feed right amongst your

Lava comes in a variety of flavours to suit various venues, species and
baits, it is quickly becoming a must have product on every anglers side

Available in

Krill, F1, F1 Green, Bloodworm and Pineapple.

24/7, Code Red, Halibut, Spicy Sausage and Cheesy Garlic.


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