Joining ranks within one of our most popular flavour ranges, Krill Squid groundbait has been developed to offer a potent mix of crushed pellets, fishmeal and krill along with the super attractive addition of squid meal, an incredibly high-quality ingredient that not only adds to the mixs potent smell and fish pulling attraction properties but also adds increased levels of protein, a vital dietary requirement of all fish and something they actively seek when feeding. Red and Brown in colour, Krill Squid groundbait is a brilliant all-round mix capable of producing fantastic results when fished on the feeder, fed using a pole-mounted cup, or loose fed by hand and stands out as a superb big-fish mix whether used on the method feeder or potted in down the margins. Use in conjunction with other products in the Krill and Squid range for even better results! Contains ground pellets, fishmeal and krill and squid meal.Incredibly potent and attractive.Perfect for all species of fish.Use with a feeder, pole or float.Mixing GuidelinesKrill Squid is extremely simple to mix. Empty the contents into a large mixing bowl or bucket. Using a 2pint bait tub as a measure, fill with water and add to the dry groundbait, mixing thoroughly and ensuring an even distribution throughout the mix. Allow time for the groundbait to absorb the water. Fine-tune the mix to your requirements and pass through a riddle to remove any lumps.Alternatively, you can use a drill and whisk, this is now the preferred method of many of our consultants.

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