Sonik Xtractor 2 Rod Carp Kits.


Full set includes 2x XTRACTOR Rods, 2x XTRACTOR 5000 reels and 1x VADERX 2 piece 42 net. Another brand new innovation from Sonik is the introduction of four new XTRACTOR 2 rod carp kits. Available now, the new kits comprise of 2 x XTRACTOR slim shrink retractable-butt rods in either 9 2.75lb, 3lb or 10 3.25lb, 3.5lb versions, together with 2x XTRACTOR 5000 size reels, plus a VADERX, 2 piece 42 landing net, all in one box. Ultimate convenience, exceptional performance, maximum value join the mobile carp fishing revolution today!


 Sonik Xtractor 2 Rods Carp Kits 

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