Small but perfectly formed. The new Gizmo bite alarm offers top performance in a miniature package. Featuring Illuminated snag ears and line roller giving you instant indication for the slightest of line movement. Our intelligent mute function allows you to quicklyconveniently and silently adjust indicators or line tightness and will automatically re-arm the alarm after 30 seconds. V.T.S. functions are all controlled by click dials which are super easy and quick to setup for multiple alarm heads. Add to this; fully protected electronicsimproved battery lifeclip on hardcase cover and a receiver with anti-theft and torch function.
Gizmo bite alarm sets come complete with our new and updated bivvy light. Smallersleeker and now with a speaker included you can now be alerted in stereoor keep it silent for just illumination when you get a bite. Six different delay and brightness settings. It can function completely independently as a standard bivvy light or when synchronised with the alarm heads provides an extra level of sound and illumination. Each alarm can also be assigned a colour channel so that you instantly recognise which alarm head has been triggered and perfect placement is easy with both hook or magnetic bivvy attachment plate.


 Sonik Gizmo Alarms 

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