This shares all of the features of the standard model but now boasts an
infrared controller so you can control the brightness and colour from
your bedchair or around your swim.

A simple but very effective rechargable light that will fit onto the
skin of any shelter or brolly. This is rechargable so it saves you
having to spend a small fortune on batteries every trip. It has a
massive battery life of up to 120 hours and has various brightness

Please note that if you already have the original case for the light
without remote then this will fit without the remote, but their is a
bespoke case available.

Battery life is similar to the original:

Bright Red: 6-7 hours

Bright White: 9-10 hours

Dim Red: 70-75 hours

Dim White: 110-120 hours


2600Mah rechargable lithium battery

Twin colour: White or Red

Up to 120 hours of light on a single charge

Sealed construction

Compact and lightweight

Magnetic fittings

Simple push button control

Micro USB socket

Supplied with control

Case not included.


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