Operating since 1936, Rapala is one of the angling world’s favourite fishing lure manufactures. Rapala lures are hand-tuned and tank-tested before packaging to assure your lure has the Rapala trademark swimming action that big fish can’t resist, straight out of the box.The Rapala X-Rap Otus Lures combines Rapalas fish-catching X-Rap construction with a beautiful colour matched curl tail to create a seamless hybrid bait. Measuring at a grand 17cm, the length of this baitfish is aimed to target the larger predators of the waters.The X-Rap Otus offers a slow sink rate and wide wafting tail making it an ideal choice for cold water and challenging conditions. The body of the lure rolls side-to-side as the enormous curl tail pulses behind when retrieved. Pausing the line and thus the lure, the tail acts as a parachute, stabilizing the lure as it slowly swims into the depths. The Otus can reach a swimming depth of 0.5-1m.Built with an ABS Body with Soft PVC Tail and a 6-Point Stainless Plate Tail Locking System, this lure is built to last against the vicious bites of Large Predator Gamefish. There is even a replacement soft tail included in case this gets chomped through. The tail wafts into a cure as the body of the lure moves through the water, successfully mimicking a baitfish.Fitted with VMC Coastal Black Treble Hooks that are sizes No.3, a predator fish is sure to get securely hooked so you can land them in your net.

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