Rapala has been producing world-class fishing lures to anglers since 1936. Rapala’s reputation branches from an astounding list of world record catch landed with their tackle. It is a company that prides themselves on a history of unwavering dedication to quality, taking advice from professional anglers. Rapala is big on precision and so its lures are still hand-tuned and tank-tested before packaging. Recently, Rapala has expanded from lures to knives, tools, bags, even sunglasses. Nonetheless, all the Rapala products are reviews and trusted by fishing enthusiasts in over 140 countries worldwide.Opportunistic predators cannot deny the Super Shadow Rap as it kicks hard to the side, and then slowly fades away into the depths like a dying fish. With a running depth of 1.4m, this lure is ideal for when fishing over shallow weed beds and targeting aggressive fish. The shadow rap is ideal for more confined situations. Rapala’s Super Shadow Rap is a very versatile lure as you can fish a range of different actions. Whether you crank, jerk, pause, burn or twitch the lure, it is really stable. This is partially thanks to its high profile which also gives the impression of a bigger lure whilst still feeling small, making it a very enjoyable lure to play around and fish with. The lures tall body perfectly mimics the silhouette of a bigger baitfish as the shadow rap action dances the lure to almost identical to baitfish, appealing to the large predator gamefish as an easy meal. Rapala has given the lure highly detailed finishes from scales to eyes on all the different designs. By twitching the super shadow gently you will achieve on-the-spot action, alternatively, you can rip it hard to send it sliding into the mouth of a big fish which is perfectly assisted with the fitted VMC coastal black hooks. The lure is very responsive, making it a super nice jerk bait or crank bait thanks to its tight-turning action. The lure is incredibly durable due to being manufactured from a two-part plastic with a strongly integrated lip. The lure is also available in three optional colours to meet your fake baitfish needs. Choose from live rainbow trout, live roach or scaled baitfish.So if you want assurance that your lure is going to withstand the rigours of close-range fishing whilst giving amazing life-like moment through the waters, the Rapala super shadow rap is certainly a lure that big fish cannot resist.

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