Rapala has been producing world-class fishing lures to anglers since 1936. Now, Rapala has expanded from lures to knives, tools, bags, even sunglasses. All the Rapala products are reviews and trusted by fishing enthusiasts in over 140 countries worldwide. Rapala’s reputation branches from an astounding list of world record catches landed with their tackle. It is a company that prides themselves on a history of unwavering dedication to quality, taking advice from professional anglers. Rapala is big on precision and so its lures are still hand-tuned and tank-tested before packaging, assuring the Rapala trademark swimming action that big fish cannot resist.Ideal for catching larger perch and pike, this 12cm Ripstop offers you a great searching lure, so if you are fishing in an unfamiliar lake, you can use this lure to familiarise yourself to wear the fish are more likely to be. Made from durable two-part plastic and with an integrated lip, this Rapala lure is built to perform and last the rigours of battling predator fish. It is pretty lightweight too, weighing 14g so it can dip in the water similar to the real thing.It attracts perch and pike but this does not mean other game species avoid the ripstop. It a multi-species lure so you do not have to lumber around the lake a huge collection of lures. In addition to its versatility, the lure is very exclusive for its hard-plastic boot tail feature. This boot tail helps with casting out into the more enclosed areas of the lake with the same confidence of casting in open spaces.The lure also has a dual control system to help you cast out to the confines spots and then aids in jerking, twitching, snapping, ripping or suspending your rig set up, working it aggressively and getting the most out of every action. When you pause movement and suspend the lure, that is when the boot tail helps. When you pause, the boot tail acts like a miniature brake, halting the lure on the spot so the predators can have a longer opportunity to attack.Along with this hard stopping action, the lure has a harsh ripping flash as you drag it through the currents. Thanks to the flat side of the lure, the light glimmers of this, flashing aggressively from side to side, before offering a subtle shimmy when coming to a rest. Complete with a VMC black nickel fine wire hooks, on the rear and bottom centre of the lure, these will ensure a catch. You can customise the lure by choosing from a range of colour options; albino shiner, moss black shiner and clown. All colour will attract a multi-species of gamefish making the lure a great all-rounder.So if you want to take the traditional jerk bait method up a notch, fish with Rapala’s ripstop lures.

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