Since its establishment in 1936, Rapala has been one of the angling world’s favourite fishing lure manufacture as well as being one of the leading innovators in fishing tackle lures. Rapala has an exceptional ability to continuously improve lure fishing forever being deeply motivated by the needs of the predator fishers.All the Rapala lures have a wobble that imitates a wounded baitfish and can be seen in the superior know-how in lure design and traditional craftsmanship values that are combined with cutting edge technology and uncompromising quality control. Today’s production methods allow precision on the waters, yet throughout the production process, the lure parts are repeatedly checked for quality as Rapala lures are still hand-tuned and tank-tested before packaging to assure your lure has the Rapala trademark swimming action.It is not all about size. This little guy is only 3cm long and is one of the babies of the Rapala family, but it works with unmatchable action for attracting trout and other smaller predators. The sinking Mini Fat Rap has a Balsa wood construction but it is actually designed to sink rather than float like most balsa body designs. The mini fat is able to present a slow sinking action due to the metal weight added to its core, providing a running depth of 0.9-1.8 m (3-6 feet).The 4 g weight of the mini rap makes it the perfect casting lure for its tiny size due to being a very dense and compact body design. This lure is the go-to choice for casting and trolling in the waters, as well as ultralight presentations because it has an incredibly tight wobbling action as it swims through the waters and an easy to use, standard retreat.You simply toss this lure out to the water, reel it in with a constant motion for the tight swimming action that will convince the most finicky fish to bite. However, you can vary your retrieve to suit the different circumstances such as the weather conditions, depths of the water and speed of the current. The rap has a great way for retrieving when in a variety of depth because it can sink, is small and has a high density.Diving nose-first when you cast the lure with some slack on your line, the lure allows you to prospect the water of different depths so you can fish a vertical structure, going straight up and down or you can play with the lure, fishing holes in the weed beds or the constant retrieve.The mini fat rap is available in three colourations, choose from the gold fluorescent, green army or rainbow trout baitfish designs. And the catch is secured with the two No. 12 treble hooks.If you are into ultralight fishing, the Mini Fat Rap from Rapala is a number one choice to add to your tackle collection.

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