Rapala has been one of the angling world’s favourite fishing lure manufacture since its establishment in 1936. Rapala remains to have a legacy of unwavering quality that can be seen in every lure, every fillet knife, every tool, and every cast. As a brand, it’s legacy that continues with new product offerings of more lures, new tools, new accessories and new ways of catching more fish. The Rapala RCD Magnetic Pliers are a tool a predator angler cannot set off to a session without. Designed for easy, one-handed operation, these unhooking pliers save your finger getting sliced by pike teeth as you remove the hook from a catch’s mouth.Rapalas has fitted the tool with a patent-pending Mag Spring mechanism on the pivot point of the pliers has two opposing magnets that push away from each other and hold the pliers open. Unlike springs, the magnets will not break or lose their power in use.With a choice of three sizes, select either the 15cm, 18cm or 20cm length pliers depending on the size of the fishes mouth.Made from durable stainless steel jaws with serrated tips for a secure grip and a gunmetal finish, these fishing pliers are incredibly ergonomic. If that was not enough, Rapala has also co-moulded them with soft grip handles for a comfortable hold.
Rapala RCD Magnetic Pliers 

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