This is the ultimate top kit roost providing the angler with a highly
versatile and stable solution to storing top kits and rods. The
adjustable 3-6-D OffBox Pro SnapLok rotational arm gives you the freedom
to position your top kits at any angle, in the immediate vicinity of
your box or side tray, importantly keeping them close to hand and
avoiding bank-side obstructions.

The soft EVA roost head can house up to 12 top kits and the wide grooves
make it possible to house larger sections, up to and including top 5

The chance of your top kits blowing out in the wind is minimised due to
the captive EVA rear head that locates them securely in place. This rear
head also has a solid Pulla Bung friendly slotted back plate, catering
for every kit you’re likely to use.

The length and height are both adjustable by using the Quick Release
Cams and also included as standard is an adjustable stability strap
which is designed to clip on to a heavy weight such as a groundbait
bucket, this extra support gives you additional peace of mind in extreme
weather conditions.

Supplied in a padded carry case as standard and compatible with leg
profiles up to 36mm in diameter.

Inserts supplied – 30mm Round, 25mm Round, 23mm OnBox


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