The Inertia reels have been designed to give anglers with limited budgets a top-quality reel option, that doesn?t impede on their performance and efficiency. These are perfect for every angler that goes fishing, whether you?re a club/match angler or a pleasure angler, these reels offer incredible value for money. The Inertia range is made up of three reel sizes; 320, 420 and 520. These sizes cover the majority of fishing situations on every venue you?re likely to fish and method you employ.nn320 – This is the perfect reel for smaller casts of up to 40m. Ideal for light waggler work and snake lake fishing.nn420 – A true all-rounder and will cope with a wide variety of fishing situations, from commercial feeder fishing to natural waggler work.nn520 – The perfect reel for longer casts of up to 60-80m. Ideal for long distance feeder fishing on both natural and commercial venues.nnFEATURES ? Impact resistant graphite body ? Aluminium machined spool ? Micro adjustable front drag ? Smooth reliable gearing ? High quality metal line clip ? Single handle ? Optimum line capacity spools ? Lightweight compact body

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