The new Inception Station seatbox builds on the success of the other Inception seatboxes and boasts many of the same features such as Mag-Lok clips, footplate locking plungers and soft touch handwheels.nnBuilt on a super strong and sleek-looking frame and supplied in a limited-edition Blue, the Inception Station has abundant storage space. The deep compartmented side drawer unit is perfect for accessories while the deep side drawer with removable dividers can be used for hooklength boxes, pole winders or any larger accessories. An empty shallow tray is situated between the drawers and the pole seat, which is again perfect for storing pole rigs.nnThe cassette under the frame includes a 26mm tray and lid where extra units can be added if required. The box comes supplied with x6 telescopic legs making fine adjustments on the bank effortless.nnSupplied with;nnPadded SeatnnMag-Lok 2 Drawer Unitnn26mm Shallow Tray on runnersnnLid unitnn6 x 30mm Telescopic Legs 50cmnnFootplate with locking pinsnnDeluxe Padded Shoulder Strap