Made from high quality PTFE, these Preston External PTFE Bushes give a slender, elongated profile, and help eliminate base-area line tangle. Featuring a sloped design that allows your elastic to flow out freely, these bushes range in size to suit all elastics, from the Slip range, right up to the Hollo elastic offerings.Available in 9 sizes, these bushes will help you improve your match fishing performance, and can add another element to your coarse pole fishing. Added an extra element to your match fishing, these bushes will ensure you’re the angler with the pole technique to beat. Whatever your fishing discipline or style, line tangles have to be one of the most irritating facts of angling life. If you can eliminate them, simply, easily, and cheaply, why wouldn’t you? These Preston bushes are cheap, easy to use, and offer simple, effective line tangle elimination for your pole fishing.What’s The Best Thing About It?The lack of line tangle on your pole ship-ins and retrieves is going to be the lasting testament to these PTFE bushes from Preston, and will almost certainly improve your match fishing performance.