Preston Clik Cap Feeders
While feeders are a staple of any coarse and match fishing tackle box, it’s far from unusual to find them laying cracked or shattered in them due to flimsy construction and exposure to testing conditions. However, this is unlikely to be the case if it’s a tackle box that contains Preston Clik Cap Feeders, because they have a frame constructed from polycarbonate, known for its strength and durability, and a link made from stretchy yet longlasting thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Combined with a unique slotted frame design, which reduces the stress placed on the cap when filling up, these features mean you can be sure Preston Clik Cap Feeders will last for the duration of your session and far beyond.

Preston Innovations aims to provide for the serious match fishing angler, so its products are designed to catch the most fish possible, but it looks to cater for anglers of all levels, from the casual fisherman and woman to the professional match winner. The Telford-based company has put together a formidable team of anglers that includes 1989 Coarse World Championships individual champion Tommy Pickering, his daughter and two-time Angling Trust Ladies National Championships champion Emma Pickering and England international Des Shipp to help it develop cutting-edge products that are practical yet give anglers the edge when it comes to match fishing.

Feeders are one of the most popular pieces of course and match fishing terminal tackle, and many anglers won’t take to the bank without one. While there are several different types of feeder, such as cage feeders and method feeders – the Preston Clik Cap Feeder is the former, they work on the same principle; pellets or groundbait – or sometimes livebait – are pushed into the feeder along with the hookbait. The feeder is then cast into the water, presenting the hookbait among ‘freebies’ – bait that gets fish accustomed to it and thinking it’s safe to take – which are distributed by the feeder.

Opening and closing Preston Clik Cap Feeders is easy thanks to the slotted frame design, which provides a slot for the TPE link to go into when the cap is open so the cap sits well clear of the feeder. This makes loading them quicker and less fussy than loading more conventional feeders, yet the more traditional aspects of the design makes them perfect for maggots, as well as casters, hemp, pellets and even chopped worms.

Preston Clik Cap Feeders some in three sizes – small, medium and large – and each size comes with a choice of three different weights – 15g, 30g and 45g, with the medium and large sizes also available with a 60g weight. Select your size by time of year – smaller for winter, larger for summer – and your weight by the distance you want to cast. To use a feeder effectively, you need to be able to cast it accurately, and to help with that Preston Innovations has placed the weights towards the bottom of the feeders, which means they cast like a dream and sit impeccably in the water. The compact, flat leads used on these Preston feeders also increases their stability against islands and in flowing water, ensuring they hold their position and don’t release bait too easily.

Another member of the Preston angling team, Parkdean Resorts Masters champion and England international Lee Kerry, has said that the two things you should want from a feeder is accuracy and reliability, and Preston seems to have both bases well covered with the Clik Cap Feeder. Its strong polycarbonate body, flexible yet durable TPE link and slot design means it is simple to fill as well as being built to last, while the forward positioning of the lead enables you to cast with confidence whatever the features of your swim, safe in the knowledge your bait will be released where you want it to be. Whether you’re fishing for fun or to win, Preston Clik Cap Feeders could provide you with the edge you’re looking for.

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