PikePro 49 Strand Trace Wire. With pike in many fisheries under more angling pressure than ever before it is no wonder that the fish are wising-up to normal presentations. Recent underwater video footage has shown just how often our baits are picked up without a run developing as the pike are able to distinguish the difference between a tethered and untethered dead fish. Our aim when developing our new wires was to try to stay one step ahead of the pike, and other anglers, in the search for the ultimate wire. This 49-strand wire has been developed to offer the ultimate in suppleness, making it very easy for a pike to inhale a deadbait and giving less resistance once the bait is in the fish’s mouth. With a higher density than normal seven-strand wire, 49-strand also tend to sink better and lies flat on the lake bed. Owing to its incredible suppleness we do not recommend this wire for livebaiting, but for deadbaits it is without equal and takes bait presentation to the next level! Thanks to its superior suppleness 49-strand wire is also incredibly kink-resistant, meaning that each trace last much longer, which off-sets the higher price of this wire. Product Usage,Owing to its incredible flexibility we recommend using our 49-strand wire with our PikePro crimps (Q28). This wire can also be knotted using a clinch knot.
PikePro 49 Strand Trace Wire 

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