Synonymous with high quality carp fishing tackle, Nash is one of the largest carp specialist brands on the modern market. It is responsible for the development of much of the terminal tackle, rod supports, and bait we take for granted today.

Trying to hold your bankside scales in one hand, while supporting a large carp in a weigh sling with the other, is awkward, and a recipe for potential disaster if you’re inexperienced, and don’t have a fishing buddy to help out.

Luckily, Nash has produced a reliable weigh tripod that has rated support of over 200lbs, meaning those bigger fishes are in good hands. The tripod has a height of 100cm-180cm and 115cm when packed down.

Made from 25mm aluminium construction and with one touch leg adjustment, this Nash tripod is easy to use with your scales and weigh sling as it comes with a heavy-duty hook that is strong and sturdy as this method of weighing helps to eliminate needle shake or bounce when weighing big fish.

Not only can you use the tripod to weigh fish but the threaded main block is able to accept buzzer bars so you can create a support system for your rods when in a heavy weeded area or fishing from a tight-knit swim.

If you’re a coarse or sea angler, a carp campaigner or a specimen seeker who prefers to go it alone, and you believe numbers matter, then a weigh tripod is an essential addition to your tackle set up.

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