With updated design and advanced performance, the Nash Pinpoint range brings excellence to hook creation.These Twister Hooks are sharper, stronger, and lighter than other hooks on the market, and benefit from up-to-the-minute advances in materials technology and manufacturing processes, giving you a wide gape hook with a square bend pattern that offers fast turning and aggressive hold, getting your fish from bite to bank with no messing around. It’s time to up your carp angling game with this new range of hooks and accessories from Nash. Giving you performance and looks, the Pinpoint range is one you can’t afford to ignore. If you’re going after large carp, you need a hook that can keep up. Hooking fast, and holding hard, these square bend Twister hooks are the ultimate in terminal tackle performance, giving you future-focused design quality in a hook that’s ready for action.Available in micro barbed and barbless options, why not buy both versions of this versatile hook, and give yourself high performance fishing on any venue? The fast, strong hooking action of these Twisters will ensure you never lose a fish because your hook can’t handle it, increasing your session success rate, and ensuring that, once you’ve hooked that personal best, it’s definitely getting landed.


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