Nash Small Bread BombAll anglers, no matter their discipline, know that it is sometimes the smallest tools which are the most effective and that is can only take a slight change in order to revolutionise your angling. If youre a specimen angler or a carp fishing fanatic, then youll be well aware of just how devastating a well place bread bomb is. However, it is more than likely that youll also be very familiar with the annoyance that can come with fishing a bread bomb. Due to the soft nature of bread it is incredibly liable to rip from your hook during the cast, causing you to have to immediately retrieve and re-rig your setups. Similarly, it can be incredibly difficult to position to hook through the bread without blunting or obscuring the hook. All this fuss means that this is one of the most underrated angling methods, despite it being one of the most effective when used correctly.This innovative little terminal tackle item from Nash looks set to revolutionise fishing with bread bait forever. Available in two sizes, these are the small bread bombs in the range and they allow to target mid-sized carp and smaller specimen species with confidence. The Nash Small Bread Bomb is a thick silicone band with a long hook gripper sleeve attachment. The main band simply stretches over and around your ball of bread. This holds it firmly, without being so firm as to disintegrate or crush your bread, ensuring that you have the confidence to cast out. You wont suffer bread ripping when youre using the Nash Small Bread Bomb as the band holds it securely in the perfect position. Whats more, the Nash Small Bread Bomb also comes fitted with a long hook gripper sleeve. Not only does this disguise the hook but it also ensures that you get perfect point presentation each and every time. No longer do you need to be worried about missed takes due to your bread bait obscuring and blunting your hook point as this hook gripper sleeve allows you to angle your hook to ensure you get a positive take, time after time.To use the Nash Small Bread Bomb, first push the hook gripper sleeve down the line and over your hook, leaving the main point exposed. Then, by stretching the main band, you can push your bread into the bomb. By casting out at this stage, you can effectively fish floating on the surface of the water. You can also give the bread a small squeeze or pinch prior to casting, giving you an incredibly effective slow-sinking bomb. There are three Small Bread Bombs in each packet, so you can fish with bread effectively on each of your three rods. You can either fish this with a chunk of bread, taken from the centre of the loaf, or a piece of crust €“ giving you great versatility and choice.Nash is one of the best respected brands in the UK carp fishing market. Established in the late 1960s by Kevin Nash, himself a passionate angler, the brand is committed to producing practical tackle that makes a real difference on the bankside. If a product isnt good enough for Kevins personal tackle box then it isnt good enough for the Nash tackle catalogue. The brand produces a huge range of angling essentials, from rods and reels to luggage and bivvies. In fact, the brand produces almost everything you can think of and it remains the largest carp specialist brand on the UK market. All its tackle items are developed in conjunction with its team of carp fishing experts, from the most technologically advanced items to the smallest, simplest, and most effective items €“ such as this small bread bomb.

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