Nash has been producing tackle since the late 1960s and continue to provide modern carp and specialist anglers with an array of fishing tackle. From fishing chairs to carp bait, Nash has you covered.Whether you are a carp angler out for a short session or an overnighter, at some point you are going to need to grab yourself some food and Nash has just the thing! The Nash Session Food Bag offers a place to store your sandwiches, milk for your brew and snacks as it is generously insulated in the main compartment meaning your food can keep as fresh as possible when out by the bankside.The front compartment of the bag contains luxury black heat resistant plate, black stainless Knife, Fork and Dessert Spoon. These gives anglers the perfect set up for bankside cutlery that is easy to use and pack away whilst being lightweight.The food bag also comes supplied with a washable drawstring bag for your used plate and utensils as you are likely to leave the plates, pans, etc until you reach home. The dimensions of the bag itself is 28cm H x 50cm W x 33cm D, its main compartment is 28cm H x 32cm W x 33cm D and the insulated section measures at 28cm H x 21cm W x 33cm D.If that was not enough there is external pockets, a carry handle and shoulder strap to make the commute that much easier.
Nash Session Food Bag 2020 

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