Designed to help maintain sharp hookpoints, and prevent degradation of sharpened hooks, this Protection Grease from Nash oxidises in the atmosphere, to provide a quality, high-protection barrier that’s taste and odour free, and doesn’t use chemical additives, making it completely safe for fish and water. This grease is the perfect addition to any carp angler’s tackle box, ensuring the sharp hooks that are needed for holding on to larger fish. If you’re going to the trouble of sharpening your hooks, then making the small amount of effort required to give them complete protection is something that just makes sense. This tub of grease is small enough to fit in a pocket, and will coat up to 200 hooks, making it excellent value for money.What’s The Best Thing About It?The value for money aspect sets this grease apart from other angling accessories; it’s hard to believe a small tub of grease could last for almost 200 hooks, but that’s the case here.

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