Designed to give you rock-solid hook hold, these Nash Pinpoint Fang X Hooks are the ultimate tool in your carp angling arsenal, created to be stronger, sharper, and lighter than other hook options, and are developed using superior grade material, and a more advanced manufacturing process, resulting in a hook that’s simple, striking, and wholly effective.With a curved shank, and 20 degree downturned eye, this is a versatile hook choice that will take your angling to the next level. Designed for versatility, these Nash hooks are perfect for carp fishing, while the choice of micro barbed and barbless hooks give you the flexibility of fishing almost any commercial venue. If you’re looking for a sleek, strong hook that handles itself, and large, feisty carp, with style, then you’re looking for the Nash Fang X hooks, from this powerful brand’s new Pinpoint range.Designed for optimal commercial carp angling performance, these curved hooks, along with the other hook patterns in the Pinpoint range, are superior in all respects to other options on the market, being aggressively designed to give an aggressive edge to your angling experience. Offering flexible versatility, the Nash Fang X is a go-anywhere, catch-anything hook that’s perfect for carp angling.


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