50% stronger than leading Nash hook patterns, yet still offering a lighter piece of terminal tackle that’s perfect for trotting surface baits, or taking slow sinking options down cleanly, these Nash Pinpoint Fang Gyro Hooks have been designed, crafted, and developed to provide the perfect hook option for 360 rigs and Ronnie rigs, both of which have delivered truly outstanding carp fishing performance. With the Nash Fang Gyro hook, you don’t need any additional components to maximise your fishing performance, and, hopefully, bring that new personal best smoothly to the bank. The Pinpoint Fang Gyro is a hook pattern that should be on all carp anglers’ radar, and which definitely needs to be in your tackle box. Superior strength with no additional weight, in a hook that’s designed to offer sure, lasting holds from bite to bank, and to create an effective, dynamic carp fishing rig, these Gyro hooks are the ultimate in carpy performance, and take terminal tackle to a whole new level.If you want to ensure that people are sitting up and taking notice of you on the bank, and that fish are heading up firmly attached to your line, and ready to be reeled in, then these are the hooks you need. Stronger, yet lighter the perfect combination for any item of fishing tackle.


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