Providing slow sinking, fast leak off attraction that’s designed to encourage competitive feeding, and is an ideal bait choice when you’re fishing over weed or silt, Nash Citruz Flakes present irregular sized pieces of hi-viz, pastel pink Citruz Flake to your swim, offering quality aromatic and visual attraction for maximum pulling power.
Great in spods, stick mixes, and PVA bags, as well as making an effective standalone bait, when it comes to Nash Citruz Flakes, a little definitely goes a long way, holding carp in your swim for longer, and keeping them feeding.

Perfect for all types of carp fishing.

If you’re regularly fishing over silt and weeds, and you want to ensure that carp keep feeding, rather than taking advantage of the weeds and going into hiding, then the pulling power of Nash’s Citruz Flakes is definitely something you should be looking to add to your swim.

Encouraging competitive feeding with its slow-sinking attraction, Citruz Flakes is the perfect bait to speed up a slow session.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Gives you the edge that comes with a feeding frenzy.

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