• Low resin fast recovery advanced carbon blank with 3k weave design
  • 12ft and 13ft models with Abbreviated, Shrink or Cork handle options
  • Increased power 3.5 lb S models (Stepped Up Specials)
  • 10ft 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb S models for boat work
  • Range includes dedicated 7ft 3lb Pursuit (Abbreviated handle only)
  • Tournament style reverse mounted Lo-fi rings for reduced line frap ups
  • Anti-frap flared tip ring design
  • Ergonomic low profile soft touch rubber reel seat
  • Matte black whippings with gloss black decals
  • Carbon line clip
  • Blank alignment markers
  • Laser etched butt caps with isotope slot on Cork and Shrink models
  • Minimal stripped down non-slip butt
  • Custom ball grip on Abbreviated models


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