Designed to support your rod while feeder fishing, the Matrix 3D-R features a quick release main knuckle, with smooth, high density EVA foam holding your rod butt firm in cushioned, protective comfort, holding the perfect position so you don’t have to, and ensuring the accuracy your angling demands.The quick thread insert allows this convenient seat box accessory to be easily attached to seat boxes with 25mm, 30mm, and 36mm round legs, making it a practical and versatile choice for the keen match angler, and flexible enough to accommodate a range of seat boxes.Having a way to hold your rod in a set position can make your session a lot easier, giving you more opportunity to get on with tying rigs, baiting your swim, retrieving your catch, or a host of other match demands.Putting you ahead of the game on any venue, this butt rest is simple, easy-to-use convenience that should be one of the first purchases for any keen angler.
Matrix 3D-R EVA Butt Rest 

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