Mainline’s exclusive fresh frozen range of ready-made boilies are a medley of the finest purpose mixed base blends and high-quality ingredients. Mainline have combined top quality enhancers and attractors with liquid food sources to offer exceptional performance for the astute angler, all year round. To ensure vital active ingredients remain at their most effective these baits are delivered freezer fresh within hours of rolling. The Hookbait Enhancement System provides dedicated dips for the full freezer range of boilies to help boost attraction to your baited area. A Mainline exclusive, these boilies are available in a range of sizes – 10mm, 15mm, and 18mm – and come in 1kg, 5kg and 10kg bags, and are designed to give you the impact and outcome you want during any session, giving you the best results on any venue, whatever species you’re targeting. One of the most recognisable names in bait production, Mainline Baits are a brand that anglers trust, with proven results across a range of venues, with stunning results from bite to bank. There are no guarantees in angling, but there is a reason countless anglers choose to buy 10kg bags of Mainlines freezer range, putting their trust in the product all season long.


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