Korum aims to produce high quality tackle for the pleasure angler and understands that fishing is meant to be an enjoyable hobby. It wants to improve the angling experience through the production of tackle that is easy to use, practical, and good value for money.

 The Korum Trilogy Triple Tip Rod is a 12ft long carp rod that is actually three rods in one. Korum has created its first-ever ‘triple top’ fishing rod which is designed to offer anglers a multi-purpose tool that covers the majority of specimen fishing situations.

Each Korum Trilogy rod comes with a steely, powerful butt section that is versatile enough to balance the 1.75lb, 2.2lb and Power Quiver top sections that comes with the rod. The Power Quiver section includes 1x 4oz carbon tip which is perfect when targeting those true specimens of the water.

The rod itself features a 2k carbon weave layer to add strength when using any of the test curves of the quiver tips as well as a compact reel seat. To make the rod lightweight and comfortable in your hands, the rod is finished with a slimline cork handle that is both insulating and durable.

The triple top rod offers medium-fast action which suits all styles of specimen feeder fishing, with plenty of reserves to tame bigger fish.

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