Korum Snapper KDS 2000 Reel

This beautifully lightweight reel is a fantastic offering for lure and
light lure fishing. The carefully designed exo-skeletal body reduces
weight whilst the sturdy, compact frame adds balance and finesse.The
11 1 bearing system is ultra-smooth, and the micro-drag enables you to
fine-tune your fishing whether using braid or mono.

Perfect for dropshotting, jigging or using with small lures.

Super smooth 11 1 bearing system

Exo-skeletal aluminium spool

Ergonomic foam reel handle

Max drag force: 12lb

Micro-drag system

Rapid anti-reverse

Gear ratio 5:2:1

Line Capacity : 100m / 0.20mm

Weight : 207g

Spool Material : 1 Metal Spool

Korum Snapper KDS 2000 Ree


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