Korum’s slogan is Fishing Tackle Made Easy, and so Korum aims to produce high quality tackle for the pleasure angler, and understands that fishing is meant to be an enjoyable hobby. It wants to improve the angling experience through the production of tackle that is easy to use, practical, and good value for money. Whether your interest is in one-day carp fishing on commercial lakes or serious specimen fishing on still water and rivers, Korum has something for you with the float rod from its glide power selection. Designed for anglers that love nothing more than feeling the thrill of a hard-fighting fish on the float, the Korum Glide rod series offers a float rod that casts the distances. Great for fish playing action, these Korum rods are built using parabolic carbon in the butt and middle sections and use high-modulus carbon in the tip for fast recovery when casting and lightning reactions when hitting fast bites, received by your bite alarm.The lightness of the rod is something anglers should be truly excited about. No more heavy rods weighing you down, you can get the perfect cast with less effort and force on your wrists. This is thanks to not only the lightweight parabolic carbon blanks but the use of a full cork handle. Cork is known for being lightweight and durable but it is also heat retentive meaning when it comes to angling in the cooler climate that the handle will retain heat, insulating you for the session! Available in 13ft and 12-14ft options, the float rod is perfect for stick float and waggler fishing. The Glide Power rods also sports guides which are sized to enable anglers to use the float rods with fixed spool reels or centrepins, with a larger diameter guide-set that allows you to use stronger reel line. Korum gives its rod the line rating of 4lb-12lb. Korum has finished the rods with stunning cosmetics that boasts the classic Korum rod look, making these rods are equally at home on rivers and still waters. For a great looking rod that is ideal for the modern specialist application, look no further than the Korum Glide Power range.


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