Korda Touchdown Mainline, Ever since its establishment in 1993, Korda has had a reputation for being an innovator in carp fishing and shaking up the industry with every new product it launches. It follows the strict regulation that every product it designs and manufactures must have a practical use on the bank, and all its products certainly live up to this standard, including this excellent Touchdown Mainline. Being one of the leading names in British carp fishing, it truly has a status to uphold and this high-quality line demonstrates exactly why Korda has become so well known for its design.As most carp anglers will know, feeling the lead hit the bed is an integral part of carp fishing and it can often be difficult with certain types of mono line. Korda, being at the top of its game, noticed that this was becoming a common problem among carp anglers and set the task to design a line that combatted this issue. This performance mono has been specially designed to help you feel more as the lead impacts the bottom. Korda’s excellent innovation and cutting edge design ideas were on top form when producing this line.To achieve more sensitivity as the lead hits the bottom, the stretch has been reduced by half. This has been done whilst still maintaining the abrasion resistance and casting performance that is essential for every line so that nothing vital has been sacrificed, only improved. This incredible design will allow you to feel the lead hit the bottom more accurately and precisely that ever before, which in turn prevents you from having to recast. This brilliant performance mono is perfect for the experienced angler and has the lowest stretch available on the market, making it the most sensitive mainline out there.The Korda Touchdown Mainline is available in two versions: a low-vis green and a dark brown colour which will suit any and all lake bed conditions that you’re likely to encounter on your angling sessions. The low-vis green blends in perfectly well in weedy conditions and where the water has developed a green tint whilst the brown fits in wonderfully in silty lakes. Wherever you fish most often, either of these colours will help it to blend in and allow you to reel in fish without them ever noticing your line. It excellent camouflage in combination with its high-quality performance will certainly increase your catch size.What’s more, this mainline has superb knot strength and is overall just a great strong line. It has a slightly over rated breaking strain which makes it a fantastic line for snag fishing. It can also be used as a hooklink if you happen to have any left over; this line is surprisingly versatile and works well in a variety of ways and is the perfect addition to your rod.The sinking properties of this line are brilliant for a mono as it sinks quickly, which ultimately prevents your bait from ever dispersing too early and allows for an even more accurate cast. Casting well is only useful if you have great bite indication as well, which this line also provides. It is very responsive and you will be able to feel even the slightest nudge from a fish, all thanks to the reduced stretch once again.The Korda Touchdown Mainline is a great mono of exceptional quality that will last just as long as any other mono. Its durability is astonishing and will last you through a great number of angling sessions with superb sensitivity and strength. It is truly unlike any other mainline seen on the market today. The Best Range and Prices at

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