The Heli Safe System is an amazing product and is already widely used by anglers all over the world, but now, thanks to a clever tweak, Korda have come up with this new more compact version. The Mini Heli Safe gives a neater looking rig and due to its smaller size, is more aerodynamic meaning it will cast further.This ingenious system revolutionised fishing with helicopter rigs, as it meant that leads could consistently be discharged as soon as you hooked a fish, whenever the situation meant that this was essential. As well as dropping the lead when you are fishing in very weedy or snaggy situations, it is also popular with anyone using a chod rig, where ejecting the lead increases your chances of landing a fish, especially at long range where a heavy lead is being used. There is also the option though to fit a small plastic collar that comes supplied with the Heli Safe, which fixes the lead in place, for use in situations where dropping it isnt necessary, but you still want the versatility that the Heli Safe System offers.