Korda Kurv Shank X 

The Kurv Shank is a very versatile hook and can be used with both popup and bottom bait rigs, including popular presentations such as the KD and IQ Drig. It has great hooking properties thanks to an aggressively inturned eye and curved shank, which helps it to flip round and take a hold inside the mouth, even when using it without Shrink Tube or a Kicker.Hooking potential is also aided by its long, needle sharp point. This popular pattern is now available in a Kurv Shank X version,and is perfect for when you want something stronger than the standard hook, but don’t need a hook as heavy and thickwired as the XX model. The Kurv Shank X comes in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8, supplied in packs of ten


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