Korda Kickers,With fishing it can often be the simpler things which can make a real difference and that is definitely the case with the new Kickers.nnFor years anglers have been adding pieces of shrink tubing and the like to their hooks to help improve rig mechanics and make the hook turn more aggressively in the mouth of a carp and improve the chances of a hook hold.nnYears ago this was done by using a bent hook and although very effective they also caused damage to a fishs mouth so anglers switched to tubing.nnNow these Kickers have taken the hassle out of having to steam and shape shrink tubing to achieve this effect as they can simply be slipped over the eye of the hook to give the perfect presentation in a matter of seconds.nnSome anglers look to try and disguise their hook as much as possible and they will like the green and brown versions which will blend in with most lake beds.nnBut on some waters adding a touch of colour to the hook can produce quicker bites which is why they also come in a choice of vibrant red yellow white or pink varieties. These have already proved very successful during testing when used in combinations such as the yellow Kicker with an artificial corn hook bait.nnThe Kickers are made from a robust rubber which will easily slide over the eye of the hook and hold in place and when a fish is hooked it straightens but will then return to its original shape afterwards.nnThe anglers who have had access to these in advance have been coming up with all sorts of other presentations as well as that which they were originally designed for!nnThere are three sizes available with small fitting size 10-12 hooks medium for size 6-8 and large for size 2-4.nnUsed to make the famous Korda Spinner Rig!nn ” The Best Range and Prices at www.tackletarts.uk


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