Hand sharpening your hook points to the degree Korda have would result in your hooks becoming too thin to use in a relatively short space of time. With these chemically sharpened hooks, the durability and consistency of commercially manufactured hooks is maintained, giving you a smart, effective terminal tackle choice that can be relied on to bring the biggest carp out of the water, every cast. Available in a variety of sizes, and presented in barbless or micro barbed hook patterns, these chemically sharpened hooks are the pride of Korda, and the result of three years of blood, sweat, and tears.  Exceeding production limitations, Korda broke every mould in the book to bring the ultra-sharp hooking of quality hand-sharpened hooks to the commercial scene, opening up a lethal mystery to anglers everywhere.With a wide-gape pattern, these hooks are designed for performance, and crafted to endure. If you want to land carp you can be proud of, buy yourself a set of these ultra-sharp, stunning looking hooks, the pride of Korda, and the result of commitment, dedication, and a demand for excellence.


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