Korda Infuza Glug Pot.If you’re looking for an effective way to properly glug your baits that not only preserves your glug but also ensures that baits are properly coated then you need look no further. The Korda Infuza Glug Pot ensures that your baits are properly infused whilst also storing any excess glug ready for future use.Korda is a brand that prides itself on innovation and it actively seeks to create unique products that other manufacturers hadn’t even considered designing. This glug pot is a perfect example, as the team were struggling to find a glug set that ‘did it all’. This is the perfect hook bait container as it allows you to achieve a perfect coating of liquid attractants. It works on an internal tray system, which has been designed to hold the hook bait whilst still allowing the excess glug to soak through into the base of the pot. This system means that that hook baits are not left to soak in the glug, ensuring that you are left with a highly effective hook bait that performs exactly as intended.As you will have come to expect from Korda, the Korda Infuza Glug Pot boasts an incredibly durable construction. After all, the last thing you want to be worrying about on the bank is your glug pot splitting or spilling in your luggage! The pot is constructed from robust plastic and it is fitted with a secure non-leak screw top lid. The internal tray sits mid way down the pot, allowing for the adequate storage of large boilies, and is slotted. This ensures that your glug can drain through the bait. The glug is then collected in the base of the pot. If you want to freshen up your baits, you can simply shake your Korda Infuza Glug Pot to give a fresh coating of liquid attractant. This ensures that you can always have perfectly coated hook bait on hand each time you need to re-rig your setup.The Korda Infuza Glug Pot is available in two sizes and you get one pot in each pack. The smaller size is perfect for the angler targeting smaller fish and who uses smaller hook baits, as well as the angler on a shorter session. The larger size is ideal for use with the biggest boilies, for the angler targeting monster fish during their carp fishing session. It is also the perfect pot for the angler on a longer session, as it can store a large amount of bait and glug. These pots are also perfect for use if you’re fishing a pop-up setup, as it ensures that your pop-ups are never weighed down due to the absorption of too much liquid. Glugging bait has become increasingly popular in recent years and the Korda team hate to think about how much liquid attractant they have wasted trying to get the perfect coating on their hook bait. This Korda Infuza Glug Pot ensures that you can reuse your attractant time and time again, getting the most out of each glug purchase.Korda is one of the leading carp fishing tackle manufactures in the UK and the brand has achieved a cult status over the two decades it has been on the market. The brand was established in 1993 when founder Danny Fairbrass left NatWest bank for the bankside. Now considered a legend of the carp fishing world, alongside the rest of the Korda team, Danny has constructed a carp fishing empire. The brand produces a huge range of tackle items, from essential terminal tackle through to luggage solutions, all the way through to angling clothing. If you use it on the bank, chances are Korda have come up with an innovative design to ensure that is works as effectively as possible!