Korda Hybrid Tail Rubber,If youre a carp angler who takes pride in creating their own rigs then youll already be familiar with Kordas Hybrid range of terminal tackle. Designed to allow you to enjoy every element of carp fishing including rig construction the Korda Hybrid range is ideal for the angler who likes to push their carp fishing to the edge. The Korda Hybrid Tail Rubber is just one of the impressive items in the range and like all Korda products it has been designed with a specific purpose in mind.n nAvailable in either a weed and silt colour or a gravel and clay colour this Korda Hybrid Tail Rubber camouflages itself perfectly into any angling environment ensuring that it is almost undetectable by nervous carp. Ideal for use with the Hybrid Lead Clip this Tail Rubber has been designed to create a seamless join between your tubing and your leader. Preventing any nasty tangles the Tail Rubber is at its most effective when youre fishing with heavy lines and leaders exceeding 40lbs. This is because it has been manufactured with an extra-large cavity in order to allow it to house large or bulky knots.n nTo use Korda recommends that you ensure that your line clip is wet before pushing the Tail Rubber on as pushing it on dry will cause unnecessary friction. Korda also suggests that you do not push the Tail Rubber on fully. As with all Korda products you can be completely assured of the effectiveness of the Korda Hybrid Tail Rubber as it has been trialled and tested by some of the best in the business. Youll be able to see this Hybrid Tail Rubber as well as other similar products at work in the water on Kordas many DVDs and TV series including the likes of Underwater Thinking Tackle and The Big Fish Off.”