Since its conception in 1993, Korda has been synonymous with the new era of carp fishing. As a keen innovator in carp tackle, Korda has been setting new industry standards with each product launch. Korda Tackle now being one of the top names in British carp fishing, and it follows its strict ethos that every product it produces must have a practical application on the bank. The Korda Compac 150 Tackle Safe Edition is perfect for the organised angler that wants to turn up to the bankside with their rigs ready to go, not in a tangled mess so they can get fishing quicker. This box comes from the Korda Compac luggage range which provides a neat and water-resistant storage solution for terminal tackle and other angling essentials. Made from high quality EVA fabric, the Tackle Safe is strong, durable and extremely light so you can easily slip it into a pocket in your carryall. It not only helps you to stay organised but mobile on the bank as you can pack up your rigs easily allows with your rods and luggage and move to another swim throughout your session. he Compac 150 tackle box also features an internal tray that is designed to accommodate Kamakura hook boxes, Korda square spools (small and large) and accessory boxes. The Korda Safe will sit comfortably on top of a tray, with enough clearance for the item below. Inside the Safe there is a large mesh pocket located in the lid as well as a further four pockets that are ideal for holding small wallets of additional terminal tackle.
Korda Compac 150 Tackle Safe Edition 

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