No angler wants to boast about catching a ropey-looking carp, or a pike that’d seen more than a few better days. You don’t just want a personal best you want the best fish possible, one that is a pleasure to handle, and looks good in your album shots.When you bagged yourself a new PB carp, part of your bankside routine should involve carefully checking its condition.This is where the Korda Carp Care Kit 2020 comes in.Housed within a stylish Korda zip bag that has been specifically designed to store everything you need to ensure carp care is at the forefront of your fishing.Inside the zip bag are two essential carp care treatments, details of which can be found below.Korda Propolis Carp TreatmentKorda’s Propolis Carp Treatment should be ready to hand in any tackle box.Creating a waterproof seal over ulcers and open wounds, Propolis prevents dirt, debris, and pathogens from causing infection, and potentially killing the fish.Created with natural anti-microbial properties, and derived from bees, Propolis is known as nature’s antibiotic, and helps ensure specimen fish stay in prime condition.Korda Ulcer SwabKorda Ulcer Swab is an antiseptic treatment for open wounds and ulcers. The treatment helps prevent bacterial and fungal infections which can have a detrimental effect on the life of a specimen carp or predator.Anglers have a obligation to ensure specimen fish are treated with the respect they deserve and are returned to the water in good condition, ready for another angler to enjoy.
 Korda Carp Care Kit 

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