The BASIX Main Line is a brilliant all-round line that offers fantastic value for moneywith a very high level of performance. It is very abrasion resistant and toughbut also casts very well and has good knot strength. It has a relatively low level of stretchwhich helps when it comes to feeling the lead down. This line is camo green in colourwhich means that it blends in very well with any lakebed.

BASIX Main Line comes in a choice of 12lb or 15lb breaking strainswhich will cover most carp fishing situationsand it comes supplied on either 500m or 1,000m spools €“so that if you have smaller capacity reels or only use two, then there is no need to buy a larger spool than you actually need to fill them.

Available in 500m and 1000m spool.

Breaking Strain