The Kamasan Animal 10ft Pellet Waggler is an ideal rod for any commercial fishery, whilst it could also do a good job on boats and beaches. Whether you are a pleasure or a club angler, this rod will be able to give you all the contact, feel and power required for float fishing. A two-piece rod, the Pellet Waggler from Kamasan’s Animal range will be able to tackle all sizes of carp upwards of and including F1 carp. Its line rating of 8lb ensures that you will be able to fight with fish offering a decent drag. This rod will give you a required action to ensure that you avoid hook pulls.

This elegantly crafted rod is not only highly effective but also affordable, meaning you can get your hands on quality while sticking to a budget. Little touches show how much time has been put into its design, such as the cork handle on which the slim bank sits. This cork handle has a screw-down reel seat so that the reel will not drop off. Furthermore, the Pellet Waggler is the most powerful rod in the Kamasan Animal range, meaning that some pressure is taken off the arm muscles if you want to cast pellets continuously.


10ft length.

Line rating of 8lb (Approx.).

Slim, powerful carbon rod blank.

2-piece construction.

Cork handle with screw-down reel seat.

Built for continuous pellet casting.

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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