Take a look at this Kamasan Animal 10ft Feeder Rod if you are on the lookout for a well-priced and cleverly designed rod for carp angling.

Although the Kamasan Animal range of rods are primarily designed for use on today’s commercial fisheries, these slim stylish blanks come at a price point that will suit pleasure and club angler alike. This is just one reason why these rods are so appealing. Kamasan are well known around the world for their fly tying hooks, but their rods are also extremely well designed. With this range, Kamasan have used all their expertise to produce these highly effective Animal rods. Extremely versatile, they are perfectly designed to be able to handle most situations you might come across in your commercial feeder fishing.

Produced in a superbly elegant manner, these Kamasan Animal Feeder Rods feature a wonderful slim blank with a cork handle. They also have a simple, effective and reliable screw down reel seat. A good feeder rod is a the ultimate tool for angling carp, and this is what Kamasan have offered up with their Animal KR100ACF. Kamasan have put together a rod here which you will love if you are engaging in some commercial fishing, and it offers you this high level of performance at a great price!

The Carp feeder model is perfect for commercial fishing with feeders up to 30 to 40 grams. But these rods will also work just as well for most short to medium distance fishing. With this rod, you will benefit from plenty of action so that you don’t have to worry about those dreaded hookpulls. With the rod action and control which these feeder rods in the Kamasan Animal range offer, you will be able to play the carp in just the right way, and bring home the goods safely and effectively.

This feeder rod is a 2 piece design, and you will be pleased to see that it comes supplied with a 2 & 3oz glass push in quiver tip which is 3.5mm in diameter. In addition, the line rating is approximately 8lb, so you should be able to have fun fighting a fish with decent drag.

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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