Established in 2009, Guru works with some of the best pro-anglers in order to create a comprehensive tackle range. It aims to produce gear that is not only innovative but also efficient and provides excellent value for money. With its slogan of ‘knowledge is power’, Guru relies on the experience of its team of pro-anglers or guru’s as it refers to them to produce innovative tackle that more than meets the needs of the modern match angling community.Window feeders have really come to the forefront of feeder fishing in recent years across the whole of Europe. With several on the market, Gura been keen to tweak, adapt and try to produce the most versatile and up-to-date Window Feeder, using our stable of feeder fishing experts which has heavily included Steve Ringer!For those that are long-time feeder fishers or and new to feeder angling, this Window Feeder from the Guru X-Change offers an improved piece of gear that gets you on the water easier and quicker. Most feeders were originally designed for holding a lot of particles. With the Guru X-Change, you can cram lots of particles in and sealing with a smear of groundbait, but now also used for general fishing feeders no matter what groundbait mix or particle combos you place in there. This piece of baiting kit is so versatile and a must-have in any feeder anglers armoury.Guru has made the ultimate aerodynamic feeder as it is weight forward to make it move through the water easier and it also allows anglers to cast distances that are impossible to reach. The feeder is also incredibly accurate for casting, even in poor conditions and high winds.The window area designed to be the optimum size to hold-in bait on a cast, but for bait release and the small front lip on the feeder helps bait grip in the feeder on the cast and in deep water. The hole to embed the bait is Strategically placed for optimum bait release. The feeder also includes an extra durable, large swivel eye attachment on the top of the feeder to make movement and attachment stronger.The unique X-change weight system is also versatile as you can quickly and easily change the weights to your preference. The size range also caters for all eventualities. Available in a range of different weights and sizes: Size: X-Small, Weight: 40g + 50g or 20g + 30g, Size: Small, Weight: 20g + 30g or 40g + 50g, Size: Medium, Weight: 30g + 40g or 50g + 60g and Size: Large, Weight: 30g + 40g or 50g + 60g weight.


Large 30g + 40g, Large 50g + 60g, Medium 30g + 40g, Medium 50g + 60g, Small 20g + 30g, Small 40g + 50g, X Small 20g + 30g, X Small 40g + 50g