We can say without the slightest hint of hype that the new Specialist
Gripper Feeders are the best river feeders available. Literally hundreds
of hours of research, design and testing has gone into these beautiful
feeders, and the list of attributes bears this out.

Let’s have a closer look at the features. Perhaps the cleverest is the
anti-roll design, which means that the feeder stays the right way up in
the very fastest of flows, ensuring perfect presentation. This design,
coupled with the surprisingly low-profile of the feeders, increased
surface area of the lead and protruding feet means that it’ll grip extra
well. You’ll notice that the feeders are supplied with two rigid stems,
one that allows them to be used as an inline system, and the other that
allows it to be used as a conventional swivel-type feeder, either
running, or semi-fixed on a lead clip.

The robust plastic frame is overmoulded onto the lead, which makes it
much more hardwearing than conventional feeders. The frame itself is
tinted with a subtle camo colour, which blends perfectly with a whole
host of lakebed conditions.

The rigid stems and weight-forward shape make for a feeder that flies
true and long, making casting to tight spots much easier.


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